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Annonceur des Cometes de Laval- Claudio Napoleoni

PA Announcer -Home games for the  LAVAL Cometes  (Women's Semi-Pro Soccer League) part of the USL-W league for the 2013 -2015 seasons.

      Pa Announcer for the  FC Montreal (Montreal Impact's Farm club)  2016 season.

Some comments about Claudio   /    Ce qu'ils disent de Claudio

''I had the absolute pleasure of working together with Claudio on several television commercials for national television in Canada. He is completely independent with his own recording studio, well spoken with a great voice and an enthusiastic person, who understands the limitations and expectations of the projects very quickly and delivers as soon as he is briefed''. - Joost Waal- Alda Events, Netherlands

"I've met Claudio a few years ago. He contacted me because one of his many clients needed a Spanish voice, and I was immediately impressed by his proactive attitude. He's always willing to make any project happen in the best possible way! 

After that, we've been many years constantly in contact, always sharing information, work and ideas, through our passion for voiceovers. 

As a VO talent, Claudio is very versatile. He can deliver a great friendly and casual feel for an animated video, or an amazing warm and natural documentary narration... both in French and English!  

He's an extraordinary professional, and that's why I always recommend his voice to my clients when they ask for a native Canadian French or English VO; not only because of his amazing acting skills, but also because of the great experience that is working with him."

 Elvis D- Spanish Voice Over Actor and Dubbing Producer - Estudios Dixit Latinoamérica. 



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Professionnel de  la Voix-hors champs parfaitement bilingue... Canadien français et anglais neutre.

Quotidiennement utilisé partout au monde.

  • Documentaires
  • Publicité radio
  • Publicité télé
  • Bandes Annonces (films et jeux)
  • Introduction de PodCast
  • Vidéos Corporatives
  • Vidéos en magasin
  • Promotions de produits et services
  • Series webs démonstrations
  • Personnages de jeux vidéo
  • Voix bilingue pour programmes Gouvernementaux
FC Montreal PA Announcer- Claudio Napoleoni from CN Voiceovers

 Anonceur maison  ( 2013-2015)  pour le Club de Soccer  "Les Cometes de Laval" (Équipe Semi-Pro ) de la USL-W league .

 Annonceur maison pour le Montreal FC (club école de L'impact) de montreal- saison  2016

"Claudio Napoleoni a une de ses personalités contagieuse, très joviale. En plus il a des connaissances approfondis du Marketing. Il reconnais très bien l'importance de chaque projet ainsi que la mission première de celle-ci. Sa détermination, son professionalisme et son bilinguisme parfait reflète l'image d'un superbe individu que jen'hésiterai pas a engager encore et encore !" - Sonia Eye Media