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Neutral English and French-Canadian Voice over Talent

 Claudio is one of the most highly Rated North American English and French voice over artist with voice work spanning the entire globe. In fact his voice is heard in over 30 countries worldwide. 

State-of the-art broadcast equipment, Source Connect (certified) capabilities… his professionalism coupled with a fast, easy and efficient turn-around time has his booked on local, national and global contracts daily!


Perfect for documentaries, TV and radio commercials, trailers, explainer videos, animation and web. His versatile style and voice is described as deep, gravely, character, soothing and modulated, yet with a capacity for role playing and adaptation of mood and energy to suit many styles!...

    He is awesome to work with, easily directed and very professional with a voiceover delivery that will make you proud!

Claudio's voice can be cast as Male, Middle-aged, Senior ,likeable,  wry as well as the "guy-next-door".

"When you require a Male, Neutral English, British accent, French Canadian, or Québécois voice talent ...or a bilingual Voice-Over narrator for documentary narration, radio / television Imaging, Event presentations, reality show host, advertising voice, short film voiceover or a talent for cartoon characters, corporate presentations, sales pitches, PowerPoint slide shows or animation projects, Claudio Napoleoni (CN VoiceOvers) will certainly add value to your production."

Voice Over delivery:
 poised, Confident, credible, collected, calm, or more energetic, Hard sell and Urgent 

Accents offered: Southern American English, British English, European French, French Canadian, Quebec jargon French.

Some characters such as Drill Sergeant, Chinese wise man and villain laughs are always great to record.  Claudio is a French Canadian and English Canadian  voice over guy that is hired for voices in Both languages without any accents...He's Perfect for National campaigns.

Range of projects: Narrations, corporate presentations, radio and television ads, voice drops, podcasts, training videos, promotional videos for trade shows and product launches

Capabilities: Writing the copy, translation from French to English (or vice-versa), producing voiceovers, adding sound effects.

Delivery formats: wav, MP3, Mpeg, and many others including through email.

I would like to invite you to  "Listen to"  the following individual Bilingual, Canadian & Neutral English, Male voice over talent demos.  Find one that not only stimulates you, but can strike a chord with your target audience and then take advantage of a unique individual who can make your projects a true success.

Take the time to click on the TAB above , you will find several categories to choose from that may certainly match what you are trying to accomplish with your project, narration, video, game voices or product explanation as well as your sales pitches or educational /technical project.

     If you'd like a personal Voice-Over custom demo, Just ASK! 

"Montreal Voice Over Artist, Claudio Napoleoni has a great ability to perform in English and French Canadian and Québécois equally well AND jump from one to the other on a whim!"  

Award-Winning Narrator / Narrateur couronné

The Seven Fires Prophesy

et / and 

OSCAR (animated for children)

Claudio Napoleoni Voiceover Talent- with a worldwide reputation